#StrengthinNumbers…Staff Sgt. Peter Jupp

Syd Gravel, senior police advisor for Badge of Life Canada (BOLC) and the late Peter Platt's partner in the formative years of the organization had the honour of presenting Staff Sergeant Peter Jupp of the Ottawa Police Service, (OPS) Communications Section with a BOLC Spartan #suicideprevention bracelet. Staff Sergeant Jupp (picture left) was a very strong [...]

What’s in a Charity Number?

What's in a charity number such as # 78459 9698 RR0001 ? Well, quite a lot when you consider the time, energy, commitment to your organizational cause, and money to get through the process with respect to lawyer fees etc in order to have your application reviewed and decided upon by the Canada Revenue Agency. So [...]

Research Advisory Board Growth

The Board of Directors for Badge of Life Canada are pleased to announce the following additions to our Research Advisory Board that will assist the organization with meeting our Mission Statement while providing better research, information and insight into related operational stress injuries. Our Board would like to welcome:  Dr. Greg Anderson, Ph.D., Dean, Justice Institute of [...]

Board of Directors – Welcome Growth

The current Board of Directors for Badge of Life Canada are pleased to welcome new additions that will expand our level of professional oversight, as well as our organizational structure. The following new members have graciously offered to "pay it forward" by volunteering their expertise for the overall strength of the organization. Board of Directors: Badge of Life [...]

At What Cost?

Badge of Life Canada was honoured to present at a recent 'Police Mental Health Symposium' entitled, "At What Cost? The Burden of Wearing the Badge" hosted in Washington, DC on June 2, 2017 by the Australian Federal Police. The inaugural 'Police Mental Health Symposium' was a forum for policing agencies to discuss the challenges and global [...]

Simon Fraser – Celebration of Life Event

  On the morning of Tuesday May 16, 2017, Simon Fraser had been at Police week in Washington DC with several close friends and was riding on a county road near Cleveland Georgia when his motorcycle unexpectedly left the road. Simon was killed instantly. A celebration of life has been planned by family and friends [...]

Simon Fraser – Celebration of Life Ceremony

Simon Fraser died suddenly on Tuesday, May 16, 2017. A retired Sergeant of Toronto Police of over 28 years, Simon leaves behind his beloved partner, Dawn Pentesco, the mother of his children, Tracey Fraser, sons Callum (16) and Connor (13) and daughter Arwyn (10), Connie Quadrini, his mother, and Gavin Fraser, his brother. Simon is [...]

An Insight into Chaplaincy & PTSD

I have often heard that when we introduce something new to a group of people, they need to hear it 10 times before they "get it". That number may differ depending on who you talk to but the idea is simple: most people don't hear you the first few times. Often the reason comes down [...]

At What Cost? …The Burden of Wearing the Badge

Badge of Life Canada is humbled and honoured to be invited to the Police Mental Health Symposium in Washington, DC on June 2, 2017, along with one of our medical advisors, Dr. Katy Kamkar, CAMH. The inaugural Police Mental Health Symposium is hosted by the Australian Federal Police to provide a forum for policing agencies to [...]

The Death of a Sheep Dog….

Over the past year, hundreds of thousands of police officers have performed their duties without any accolades, awards, or other recognition. They completed said duties with dedication filled with task and purpose. However, many are suffering in silence from workplace injuries that are considered 'invisible'. Many afraid to share their pain due to stigma within [...]