Anatomy of an Anxiety Attack

Anatomy of an Anxiety Attack February 21, 2017 / Patrick Riley In the past, I have used the phrase anxiety episode rather than anxiety or panic attack, but I’ve come to the conclusion that although I like to be picky about some words for the sake of clarity, others, like this one, just suit the thing. [...]

Connections In First Responder Health

Surrey, B.C.–“911. Do you require police, ambulance or fire?” Former 911 operator Rae-Lynne Dicks said these words literally thousands of times during her 10-year career. She listened to the screams of domestic abuse victims as they cried for her help, and the quietly desperate words of sexual assault victims who had been brutally beaten. She [...]

Firefighter Brother Expresses Gratitute

I am so very thankful to have been a guest at the recent Badge of Life Conference in Richmond Hill, Ontario. This was a very informative day with knowledgeable presenters and wonderful fellowship among emergency first responders. Although presently it is mostly police who are involved in this, I see that other services are starting [...]

An Unexpected Journey

An Unexpected Journey, February 9, 2017 - published with permission of Author Like Bilbo Baggins and company, the other day I wrote about an adventure I was taking out into the world, away from the comfort and safety of my wee home and the emotional security it provides. It was to be an exciting thing, scary [...]

Working Together

  On January 25th, we in Canada celebrate "Bell Let's Talk Day 2017" where the focus is on ending the stigma surrounding mental illness. Most have loved ones or close friends that deal with mental health problems and although the stigma is subsiding, it hasn't disappeared totally. As a Volunteer Chaplain with the Toronto Police [...]

First Christmas- a story of love, grief and resiliency

Christmas 2016. This was my first Christmas without my wife who died November 1, 2016. Trying to prepare myself for that reality was difficult. I tried to juggle putting on a “happy” face for my sons and family while, at the same time, trying to remain as upbeat as I could and avoid the demons [...]

#1stresponders and Finances…

Safe Call Now is a confidential, comprehensive, 24-hour crisis referral service for all public safety employees, all emergency services personnel and their family members nationwide.  Read Author Captain Brain Nanavaty's blog entry on #1stresponders and Finances... safecallnow.blogspot

Can Praxis – Helped Police Family Recharge – Reclaim – Renew

In October of 2016, Can Praxis led the first ever police only cohort. is a collaboration between Steve Critchley and Jim Marland. Critchley is a 28 year veteran of the Canadian Forces and an international mediator, facilitator, negotiator, and trainer. Marland is a registered psychologist, Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, mountaineer, sailor, corporate trainer and a [...]

5 Self-limiting Beliefs That Ruin Our Social Life

Everybody has problems and issues but not everybody does something about them. In fact, most people don’t even want to admit having them, not to mention defining them. We live in a world where conventional wisdom dominates and being happy means being average. But that’s terribly wrong. Actually most of the time we feel that [...]

Problem With Alcohol? – 11 Warning Signs

HUFFPOST HEALTHY LIVING Beth Leipholtz ♥ Become a fan Journalist, blogger, rugby player and college student, while maintaining sobriety. August 14, 2014 After browsing through the archives of my personal blog during the peak of my use (sophomore year of college), I realized something: I made so many damn excuses. Nothing was my fault. But more [...]