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“Equine-facilitated psychotherapy is a promising approach to address self-esteem, depression, and other emotional or psychological problems. Restoration of the trauma victim’s capacity for recovery hinges on provision of safety and development of trust, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. Thus, recovery from trauma represents an ideal context for exploring the therapeutic impact of equine–human relationships. The six participants in this study recognized that their pre-existing relationships with horses were therapeutic during recovering from trauma, defined as sufficient to have caused significant change in the participant’s life.”
EquuSpirit: Healing with Horses is an equine-facilitated psychotherapy program that is trauma-specific, grounded in the neuroscience and biophysiology of working with shock and attachment trauma.
Integrating the principles of Somatic Experiencing (a body-oriented therapy for working with the complex physical, emotional, mental and relational dynamics of trauma, PTSD and OSI), as well as mindfulness, experiential learning and other techniques, the EquuSpirit program is one of only a handful of sites in North America to specialize in using these approaches in collaboration with horses as co-therapists. The program draws from the Equine-Facilitated Wellness model developed at Generation Farms in Nanaimo, BC, aspects of the Eponaquest Approach and Adventures in Awareness, as well as the EAGALA model.
Specific weekend workshops and 1:1 sessions are offered for first responders.
If coming from outside the region, please ask about local accommodations or about the possibility of setting up a healing intensive (1, 3 or 5 days in length, combining equine therapy and in-office trauma treatment).
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Contact Sarah Schlote, MA, RP, CCC, SEP at
Phone: 1-855-7REFUGE

H.E.L.P. Heroes. Equine. Learning. Program. Click for my experience blog

H.E.L.P. retreat is a confidential, three day, peer based equine program for any service member, veteran or first responder who faces post-traumatic stress and operational injuries. Sessions are held at Tranquil Acres Inc., 40 minutes south of  Ottawa city center. H.E.L.P. retreat includes all meals, accommodations and transportation.

This program is not intended as therapy. Building a relationship between the participant and the horse allows  problem solving, solution development and effective and  invaluable methods for healing. No riding is involved. All exercises with the horses will be on the ground.

Prior horse experience is not necessary. The  participant’s physical and emotional safety is always at  the forefront of what we do.  Tranquil Acres Inc. is  certified in the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning  Association (EAGALA) model and follows their code of  ethics.

Contact us: 7405 Third Line Road, Kars/Ottawa, Ontario K0A 2E0

Telephone: 613-489-5294

Website:  EAGALA certification training program coming to Ottawa. For more information on how to become a certified eagala certified facilitator, register for the training, or learn more about EAGALA please visit  Accommodations available at Tranquil Acres Guest House  first come first serve. To book a rooms please contact Tranquil Acres at or call 613-489-5294. Credit cards will be required to book a room.

Horse-drawn Insights at Spirit’s Whisper Ranch,

55807 Jackson Line, Staffordville, Ontario N0J 1Y0

Kristi Rockley has 20 years experience policing with Waterloo Regional and York Regional police departments. Through Kristi’s own personal experience she learned that your life can’t revolve around your policing career without a cost. We all need a healthy balance in our lives, especially those of us involved in emergency services or military careers. Kristi found that healthy balance in “Spirit”, her beloved quarter horse. As a result she now offers individualfamily, and team programs designed to encourage every person to embrace their life with intention and authenticity.  Our programs are designed to support you along your journey by offering a transformational experience that will enrich your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Our programs have been created around  the idea of “horse-guided learning”.  As a prey animal, horses naturally have a heightened level of awareness and connection to their environment.  Horses trust their instincts and rely on clear communication for survival.  As a result, horses are actually fantastic coaches for people! They are candidly honest, have no hidden agenda, and no ego.

Those at Spirit’s Whisper Ranch offer an environment of non-judgemental support to those looking to heal and grow in their personal life journey. Horses can be very powerful in assisting and supporting emergency services personnel, in re-connecting with their authentic self and life purpose through the way of the horse.



Phone: 519-872-8800

Wendy and Andre developed the FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Healing)® model and have been providing a highly respected FEEL Certification Training Program since 2008.

Horses bring you back home to yourself.  With unconditional love, they see beyond the masks and armouring that hide the pain and gently mirror back to us our coping behaviours that may now be inappropriate for both us and our family and community. People feel safe in the presence of one of our wise horse teachers and ‘feel felt’. Our

horses form an intimate connection and softly help stuck emotions find their release. Their natural ‘vigilance’ provides a resonance with frontline service responders.

Our facility, including a covered arena, allows for private sessions, group workshops, and family intensives. We offer overnight accommodations with full kitchen facilities in our private Lodge.

Horse Spirit Connections is located outside of Tottenham, Ontario. Our network includes FEEL Graduates across Canada who can deliver equine programs in your vicinity.

We are honoured to contribute to your healing journey.

For more information please contact Wendy Golding

Phone: 905 936 445



War Horse Awareness Foundation

As a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Deanna Schmaltz has over 16 years of service in law enforcement. After struggling with depression following a career ending injury, Deanna was able to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to cope with her injury and with the traumatic events she encountered throughout her career.  In 2013, Deanna made the decision to discharge from the RCMP.

In an effort to help others struggling with occupational stress injuries she created the War Horse Awareness Foundation. The War Horse Awareness Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping frontline service providers and their families live the lives they deserve to live.

The War Horse Awareness Foundation offers unique equine-assisted programs for frontline service providers and their families that address operational stress injuries. These programs have been in existence for several years and have shown to be highly successful in helping frontline service providers deal with these specific issues. These equine-based programs are exceptional and very effective; however, the organization is committed to getting frontline service providers and their families connected with the resources and programs that best suit their individual and collective needs.


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