Senior Advisor

John R. Robertson 

John Robertson has Bachelor & Master degrees from Queen’s University and over 25 years of assisting people to manage the variety of transition –crisis, change, conflict, stress, relationships, and death. This has been realized through key note addresses, workshops, seminars and also through retreats and leadership-management working groups and weeklong intensive courses.

In the last 25+ years it has been workplace issues and concerns from a proactive including resiliency approaches and tactics through to recovery which has leverages his experience and training as summarized below;

A Certified Trauma Specialist with ATSS, an approved instructor in Critical Incident Stress Management {CISM} with ICISF, Certified grief counsellor –Edu-Therapy, certification in MBTI step I & II, Strong’s Inventory, DISC, TKI Conflict resolution tool FIRO-B for business and others instruments used for coaching. Crisis intervention and other support training services have been provided in a variety of contexts including first responders, schools and other workplaces.

Provided numerous training and coaching sessions [group and one-to-one] which has included the themes of Self-care, Conflict, Trauma, Relationship strengthening training, utilizing a coaching approach towards leadership development, managing personalities and change-crisis leveraging a values-based approach that’s included providing team development, organizational health training and performance management.

Provided these services in a variety of market place sectors which include:
Educational settings – colleges, universities, public school boards, separate boards
Government – Canadian Police College, ORNGE, NRC, DND [civilians],
High tech and IT industries
Non-profit sector –Red Cross, Salvation Army, Rotary, Samaritan’s Purse, Projects Abroad, Churches, VCARS
Emergency Service personnel –police, fire, EMS
Small business, Independent schools

Some interventions have included:
Suicides of all age groups, including grade 8 to high school, sports teams, and various organizations plus school boards, sports associations themselves, next of kind notifications including funeral arrangements etc.

Supporting emergency service personnel and their families ORNGE, police, Fire, EMS,

Support of non-for-profit personnel – Red Cross, Samaritan’s Purse, Habitat for Humanity, Rotary, Projects Abroad, Salvation Army, hospice centres, homeless shelters, Churches, VCARS etc. Others including job loss, workplace, robbery, motor vehicle collisions, assault, disaster [home, possession with no loss of life], first nations communities, EMO sector support

Institutional settings – colleges, public boards, separate boards, hospitals, social services

Government – Canadian Police College, ORNGE, NRC, DND [civilians], TSB, PHAC; High tech and IT industries
Airlines – including familial education/support

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