Research Advisors 

Nancy Morris
BSc Honours, Psychology
MSc, Applied Positive Psychology (2014 – 2017)

Nancy Morris is internationally recognized as a specialist in the science of business psychology and goal achievement. For almost two decades, her work and research has focused on the key “attitude and action” elements that create motivation, confidence, resilience and results in business and in life. Nancy is renowned for her uncommon yet highly effective way of simplifying what others tend to overcomplicate with her direct, irreverent style.

Nancy holds honours degrees in psychology and communication and is now undertaking a third degree, a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology. Nancy has had dozens of radio and television appearances across Canada and the USA along with a weekly spot on BBC Radio. Many of her articles and interviews have appeared online and in print, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journa,l Seattle Post Intelligencer, the Ottawa Business Journal as well as Glamour and Elegant Style magazines.

Nancy regularly hosts in-person presentations for international business and the general public. Nancy offers consulting services and unique educational programs to the business community.

Nancy will be assisting Badge of Life Canada with obtaining existing research on various mental wellness topics that are applicable to our Mission and goals that will be posted via the website. As well, Nancy provides networking opportunities through the University of East London regarding applicable research from the UK that may assist Badge of Life Canada. Operational Stress Injury (OSI) Rates and General Health of Former Police Officers in the UK will be a potential study designed to improve the understanding of the long-term health effects after a career in law enforcement which is known to have a high exposure to potentially traumatic stress. Current and lifetime rates of OSI, as well as data regarding physical health, will be measured relative to potentially traumatic stress exposure. Once completed, the UK research data will be compared with the collection of Canadian research data currently under the direction of Professor Stan French, Badge of Life Canada, Research Advisor.

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