Stan French 
Adjunct Professor with Nipissing University School of Nursing and School of Criminology and Criminal Justice‬ North Bay, Ontario‬‬

For almost 25 years, Stan combined my careers of Forensic Mental Health Nursing with my part-time mental health clinical nursing role in the Canadian Armed Forces. During his career Stan has been deeply involved in research and promotion of best practice. Stan devotes considerable time and energy to using applied research to build the best possible system of prevention and care for Operational Stress Injuries (OSI) within our police and other emergency services. Evidence based programs provide the best results. Our police and others who might suffer an OSI deserve the best programs, just as our military do. In an advisory board member role with Badge of Life Canada, Stan will use his experience, research and connections to help make this happen. Badge of Life Canada has agreed to work with Nipissing University and Stan to support research into operational stress injury rates and general health of former police officers, correctional officers and civilian police dispatchers in Canada.

“STRENGTH IN NUMBERS”…”L’Union fait la force”…