Badge Of Life Canada

Who We Are
Who We Are

Who we are:

Badge of Life Canada is a peer-led national non-profit volunteer organization (Corporation # 962261-6) committed to supporting police and corrections personnel who are dealing with psychological injuries suffered in the line of duty, primarily those diagnosed with an operational stress injury, including post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety and addictions, with access to counselling, including suicide prevention counselling, information and group support programs.

Our Focus:

OUR primary focus will be providing such assistance and information to all sworn and civilian personnel, who are either active or retired, with the following organizations across Canada:

  • First Nations Police
  • Municipal Police
  • Provincial Police
  • Corrections Personnel

Our Passion:

Our passion for the Badge of Life Canada Mission is based upon legitimacy within policing and correctional organizations by providing an array of research, resources and information that can help members who are suffering find a new “normal” after exposure to various traumatic work experiences.

Our Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Research Advisors, Police Advisors and Ambassadors all share the same goal – accelerate mental wellness and cultural change within police and correctional organizations by reducing the stigma and increasing available treatments associated to psychological injuries incurred during the course of employment along with the implementation of recognized peer support systems, awareness and training.

Our Board members are all considered subject matter experts by having lived the worse that the profession has to offer while demonstrating resilience and post-traumatic growth. WE shine as a beacon for wellness, hope and recovery in the daily lives of those members who travel the road behind us so they do not have to face the same hurdles and challenges.