Badge Of Life Canada

Who We Support
Who We Support

Who we support:

We are a peer-led, charitable volunteer organization committed to supporting police and corrections personnel who are dealing with psychological injuries diagnosed from service, primarily those diagnosed with an operational stress injury, including post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety and addictions, with access to counselling, including suicide prevention counselling, information and group support programs.


Our primary focus will be providing such support and information to all sworn and civilian personnel, who are either active or retired, with the following organizations across Canada:

  • First Nations Police
  • Municipal Police
  • Provincial Police
  • Corrections Personnel

Families and children:

We are committed to supporting the families, including their children, for members who are diagnosed under the above mentioned listed criteria by providing the necessary crisis resources, research, education, along with a list of professionals and alternative supports that will help their loved ones find a new ‘normal’. The love, support and caring provided by the family can be instrumental in the recovery of a member who suffers from a psychological injury diagnosed from service.

In addition, the family can suffer in silence themselves living with a member diagnosed with a psychological injury suffered in the line of duty. Since each particular situation can be unique, the family, including children may require access to support and information found on our website when presented with members who are diagnosed with a psychological injury from service.

Presumptive Legislation:

Badge of Life Canada will work with ALL PARLIAMENTARIANS and the Public across Canada to ensure that ALL members diagnosed with a psychological injury suffered in the line of duty have access to early and effective treatment regardless of their geographical location across Canada. Through the introduction of a national framework Badge of Life Canada is committed to providing research and information that will allow informed decisions for both the public and government when changes to legislation are contemplated.

The Public:

Badge of Life Canada welcomes contact that will foster networking and collaboration from organizations, charities, and people willing to support and assist in delivering our Mission and Focus.