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Working Together



On January 25th, we in Canada celebrate “Bell Let’s Talk Day 2017” where the focus is on ending the stigma surrounding mental illness. Most have loved ones or close friends that deal with mental health problems and although the stigma is subsiding, it hasn’t disappeared totally. As a Volunteer Chaplain with the Toronto Police Service, it is likely that in the course of the next year, a few cops will approach me about issues like PTSD or other stress-related matters. This is inevitable because of the work they do.  See more…working-together-hillar-alkok

hillarAbout the Author: Hillar Alkok, Chaplain. Hillar has years of experience as a pastor, police chaplain, corporate chaplain, long term care chaplain, airport chaplain and wedding officiant. Hillar has facilitated Ethics and Anti-corruption training for the National Police Service in Estonia. Hillar has ministered in places like Malawi Mozambique, South Africa, Germany and Great Britain.

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