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Recruits: ‘Agents of Change’ For Mental Wellness in Policing
Recruits: ‘Agents of Change’ For Mental Wellness in Policing

Recruits: ‘Agents of Change’ For Mental Wellness in Policing

Badge of Life Canada is pleased to announce a donation from proceeds received on April 5, 2017. All proceeds were the result of recent fundraising efforts hosted by the graduating recruit class at Ontario Police College – Alymer, ON

The graduating recruit class at the Ontario Police College was composed of 306 newly sworn police officers, from police organizations all across the Province of Ontario, as well as First Nations Police and a recruit from St. Anne Police Service, Manitoba.

The generous donation was made possible through a collaboration of various fundraising efforts conducted throughout the 3 months recruit training program at Police College.

What was even more exciting than presenting was the fact that the graduating recruit class was already aware of our organization, Badge of Life Canada prior to starting their first day on the road. This is truly remarkable and an example of a change in culture and outlook. Each one of the graduating recruits are now ‘Agents of Change’ as they journey onto the first leg of their careers, and spreading the word about our organization.

This possibly presents new opportunity to speak and present on topics before various future recruits at the Police College.  These recruits are the next generation of members who can and will make change within our organizations regarding mental wellness. They were engaged and definitely committed to learning. It was indeed a joy to have them acknowledge our organization.

Although many people were involved in the planning and running of the endeavours themselves, our organization would like to acknowledge the recruits, the organizing course instructors and staff, as well as the Director and everyone else involved via the Ontario Police College, from authorizing the activities, to participating within them as well.

This is a truly remarkable example of our motto, “Strength in Numbers”.

Awareness, resources and education will definitely help affect change. However, true change, requires action which will not happen without a change in perspective by ALL members across the country. This includes both sworn and civilian members, as well as our organizational leaders.

We must ALL strive to continue this commitment. Simply put, the lives of many members depend upon such cultural changes becoming the “new normal”. Awareness and understanding will flourish. Stigma will eventually be eliminated and replaced by applicable resources. We can all endeavour to make this positive change.

If you would like to assist Badge of Life Canada, as “Agents of Change” through our Mission – you can help make a difference through a donation to our non-profit organization.

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Thank you,

Board of Directors, Badge of Life Canada