The last 10 months have been quite exciting for all involved with Badge of Life Canada / Insigne de vie Canada. 

With the assistance of licensed therapists, Chaplains and positive lived experience peers we have delivered more than 300 hours of life changing self-care, resiliency building and suicide prevention information to 100 first responders for free to each participant.

We are humbled and grateful for the positive feedback, comments, Facebook shares along with the kind and generous people who have helped support our mission by volunteering their time and expertise.

We truly hope those first responders that attended our programs enjoyed everything we’ve shared with them and that it’s had a positive, profound and permanent impact on their life and the lives of their loved ones.

We know we are making a difference in transforming the lives of participants.

Unfortunately, the financial support we have received since becoming a Charitable Organization # 784599698RR0001 is less than what we have spent, even with all the volunteer hours we have had donated.

We need support to continue our charitable endeavours.

If our mission stops then we can no longer provide our first responders and family members of first responders with the peer led support we offer for those with psychological injuries diagnosed from service.

There are first responder families that count on us for our assistance.

As community members we want healthy first responders in our times of need. If you want our programs to continue, then

We need to raise $25,000 to get us through to the end of the 2018 year.

You can contribute as low as $20 and make a difference with either regular monthly donations or one time donations – that all can be made automatically via our website donation link with a tax receipt automatically provided.


As a reminder, 100% of all proceeds are reinvested into our mission and programs with no organizational staff or salaries paid since everyone involved is a volunteer.

Please pay it forward. 

You know people who may need the assistance that Badge of Life Canada can offer. You may benefit as well someday yourself from the services offered.


Thank you in advance for your ongoing support.




Lynne Rusk, Administration Director, Badge of Life Canada