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Editor Note: This article was originally posted under the name Sgt. A. Merica to protect the identity of the author.  After we received countless emails of support – and some of anger – he asked us to repost it.  This time, under his name.

Kirk Lawless is a 28 year decorated police officer from the St. Louis area. Off the job due to an up close and personal, fatal gunfight in 2009, he occasionally puts pencil to paper. Feel free to friend him on Facebook or Google search his name to find out more about him.  We’ve also included a contact form at the bottom of this article if you’d like to send him a message.

“I have had the misfortune of being muzzled for nearly ten years, due to legal action that has now run its course. I have endured the lies. The muzzle is off now, as are the gloves, and I will no longer be quiet.

What people fail to realize about the police culture in the United States is that I am every name on that wall and I am every name on the other list as well. That is the culture of policing I cut my teeth on when I came on the job, and sadly I see it is time for a change.”To view full article