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Your generosity is keeping Badge of Life Canada vibrant and active.

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Being a charity, we rely completely on individual donors and sponsors to fund our operations. Your generosity allows us to continue providing the essential tools to empower Canadian Public Safety personnel and their families to achieve healthy living and post-traumatic growth. We are all volunteers and all donations go directly towards our programs. Collectively, your generosity is keeping Badge of Life Canada vibrant and active.

We do not showcase individual donorsbecause there are too many of you. We do showcase our corporate sponsors below. You can donate by clicking on the link below or on any page of our website through the link in the footer. If you are a corporate sponsors who is interested in making a donation in cash and/or securities, please contact us so we can discuss  it with you. Our contact link can be found in the menu above. We thank you in advance. 

Badge of Life Canada can only support the transformation of Canada’s Public Service Personnel with hope, growth and recovery because of funding partnerships with donors and sponsors like your. When you collaborate by funding Badge of Life Canada’s mission, your return on investment directly impacts the community you reside in by changing the lives of the people who serve in your community; the ripple effect is far and wide.

Code 9 Canada Sponsorship

Code 9 Canada has gracefully offered to assist Badge of Life Canada by donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their Code 9 merchandise. You can see the merchandise they offer by following this link: Code 9 Canada or by clicking on the image below.

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