What We Do

Operating since 2010, Badge of Life Canada empowers Canadian Public Safety Personnel (PSP) and their families, dealing with operational stress injuries (including post-traumatic stress and suicidal ideation), towards achieving healthy living and post-traumatic growth.

Suicide is a challenge that can profoundly impact family, friends, colleagues, the organization, and the public.

  • Without evidence-based mental health supports, we know we lose PSP to suicide.
  •  loss of police officers to suicide can be 2-3x times compared to the line of duty deaths (Current policing research in Canada, the US, UK and Australia).
  • there's connection between moral injury, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and subsequent implications upon suicide for all PSP. 

We believe the best approach starts with cultivating the right environment.

  • our programs use evidence-based approaches to address moral injury, sanctuary trauma and perceived injustice
  • programs are led by trained mental health professionals, chaplains, and lived experience peers

Badge of Life Canada understands first-hand what it is like to cope with psychological trauma. It is what uniquely drives us to press forward and help those in need through our charity.

  • Our trained volunteers come from lived experience, so we empathize with feelings of isolation and lack of trust
  • We understand the dynamics that trauma can present both in the workplace and at home

Badge of Life Canada recognizes that no one can display hope, growth and recovery in their healing journey without the assistance and support of those who are willing to walk alongside as mentors & allies.

  • We have supported over 500 participants through our Hero's Call and SOLE Sistas programs to date
  • Since April 2020, we have offered virtual peer support sessions to over 2600 attendees
  • We have had 39,654 users engage with our national resource based website in 2021
  • Our website which has had over 200,000 users since inception

Our website connects those in need with:

  • licensed therapists across the country
  • crisis resources
  • self-care coping tools and alternative support systems, including service dog and equine information
  • links to podcasts and education for family members.

Our goal is to prevent PSP from becoming statistics. We want to help PSP create healthy connections and tools towards finding hope, growth and recovery. As a public charity, we depend on public donations. With the ever-increasing need for programs to help our public service personnel, we actively seek donations to keep our programs operating and reduce participant costs. Why not consider donating and help us improve our impact?

PSP are not alone; as with your financial support, Badge of Life Canada is here to help.


Help is Available

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek ~ Joseph Campbell

Invest in yourself. We provide the
right environment for you to begin your healing

  • Weekly virtual psychoeducational peer sessions - These sessions are open to ALL First Responders dealing with an operational stress issue and provide a great resource for those wanting professional weekly guidance. Participants register via our website and a virtual Zoom link is sent out each week.
  • Hero’s Call and S.O.L.E. Sistas 19-week
    comprehensive programs. These programs focus on psychoeducation and Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey facilitated with-in a peer support structure. The hero's journey, or the monomyth, is the common template of stories that involve a hero who goes on an adventure, is victorious in a decisive crisis, and comes home changed or transformed. The first two weeks feature virtual online meetings, followed by a one-week in-person retreat, and then 16 weeks of virtual aftercare. Ten weeks of online support sessions for spouses are included. A key component of this program is our team building aspect as it helps foster healthy connections that support you through the process. We model positive post-traumatic growth while incorporating group activities such as equine assisted learning, high-ropes courses and hiking, all practiced in safe environments. We are all hero's in our own healing journey.

New Horizons

Changing the culture

  • S.E.R.V.A.N.T. Leadership course - Badge of Life Canada collaborates with key stakeholders in delivering educational programming to supervisors and identified leaders. With increased awareness of operational stress injuries, moral risks of public service, sanctuary trauma, perceived injustice, toxic work environments, compassion, fatigue and burnout, leaders can understand better the needs of their staff. While staff may be dealing with operational stress injuries, leaders may also require support addressing trauma exposures accumulated throughout their careers.
  • T.E.A.M. Discipline course - Badge of Life Canada believes that together we can achieve more, and with this T.E.A.M. approach, members currently facing discipline can be supported in their reintegration back to the workplace. Participants learn positive mental health coping skills and tools that assist during the respective discipline period. Our focus is to provide you with a positive ‘return to life’ experience while also supporting opportunities to explore a safe ‘return to work.’

We also do short term psychoeducation/peer support tailored to your PSP organizational needs.

Reach New Heights

Badge of Life Canada is positively impacting our Canadian public service personnel's Mental Health crisis through its programming. In order to expand our impact and advance our programming we require financial donors.
Having financial sustainability would allow Badge of Life Canada to deliver more of its programming and reach more of Canada's PSP earlier in their journey. This is a crucial step in providing support before its an unavoidable crisis; before suicide.
Badge of Life Canada is efficient with its budget; our comprehensive programming has a high return on investment with an approach that supports Canadian public service employers, employees and their spouses. This supportive approach creates a “Ripple Effect” and is how change happens in organizations, families and the direct communities you reside in.
Badge of Life Canada members are sought after by multiple levels of government as subject matter experts because of their track record, developed programming and expertise. You can support our mission empowering PSP towards hope, growth and recovery directly by donation.