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Les Domestiques

  Cyclists who serve

In road bicycle racing, a domestique is a rider who works to benefit their team and leader, rather than trying to win the race. In French, domestique translates as "servant." The Les Domestiques network with like-minded individuals, giving to and raising money for good causes.

They are genuine "Cyclists who serve."

Thank you to the Les Domestiques Team for financially supporting Badge of Life Canada Insigne de vie Canada and improving the lives of many men and women who serve our country in various capacities as public service personnel.

How to Support Us

Badge of Life Canada can only support the transformation of Canada's Public Service Personnel with hope, growth and recovery because of funding partnerships with companies like yours. When you collaborate by funding Badge of Life Canada's mission, your return on investment directly impacts the community you reside in by changing the lives of men and women who serve in your community; the ripple effect is far and wide.

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Become a generous donor

Building a relationship with us

Support Canada's public service personnel who dedicate their lives to helping our communities, the very communities you work and reside within.

Show how much you value the contribution of Canada's Public Service Personnel by having your corporate, family, or private foundation contribute to their hope, growth and recovery.

We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with you.

Become a legacy contributor

Your legacy gift to Badge of Life Canada, given through;

• Wills and Bequests
• A Gift of Property
• Gifts of Appreciate Securities
• Gifts of RRIFs and RRSPs
• Charitable Gift Annuities and Remainder Trusts
• Gifts of Life Insurance
• a will or other form of designation. It is a decision that each person makes in their own financial planning process, taking into account their charitable wishes and values.

The values that you uphold can do much to shape the lives of those who come after you. One of the best ways is to make a gift through your will or estate plan to an organization you feel holds your values and strives to create the world you would like your children and grandchildren to inherit. Your gift does not have to break the bank. A surprisingly small amount can make a lasting difference in the world.

Besides supporting BOLC's mission through the years to come, you will also be giving your family an example of philanthropy that will become a precious family tradition in your honour.
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Become a vision partner

Our vision

After 11 years of operating, Badge of Life Canada is at a critical junction as demand for our services has increased while we experience a shortfall in funding and resources.

• Since 2020 approximately 2,600 public service personnel have reached out through our programming

• Since our website inception over 200,000 viewers have accessed our website resource base

As the numbers keep growing, our capacity needs to increase to meet the growing demand.

We envision raising $5 million over the next three years

Developing strong partnerships with organizations, community members, and leaders like yours will help get us there.

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