Badge of Life Canada at Meet Charlie Family BBQ

Badge of Life Canada at the "Meet Charlie" family BBQ in Peterborough

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Badge of Life Canada was invited and attended the Meet Charlie Family Day at Lang Pioneer Village in Keene, Ontario. Charlie was donated to Badge of Life Canada by Chelsea and Hailey who were present at the gathering. Badge of Life Canada then donated Charlie to the Peterborough County Paramedics to be used as a facility dog for Peterborough County. Sandra is Charlie’s handler and is responsible for Charlie’s training.

The turnout and weather were great and everybody enjoyed meeting Charlie. A wonderful BBQ was available to all attendees thanks to the generous donation of the following sponsors:

  1. Food from Sysco Canada in Peterborough
  2. Condiments from Foodland in Lakefield
  3. Cakes from Costco in Peterborough
  4. Charlie cookies from Heavenly Sweets Ptbo in Hastings.

Charlie and Sandra have already visited numerous people in such places as hospitals, long term care facilities, and various businesses throughout Peterborough. You never really know where Charlie is going to show up. If you see Charlie, make sure to let people know on your social media. You can follow Charlie on their Instagram account at Charlie.ptboparamedics.

The guest of honor for the “Meet Charlie” BBQ

Hailey / Chelsea / Charlie / Laura / Sandra

Lang Pioneer Village
The venue at Lang Pioneer Village

Bouncy Castles
Bouncy castles for the kids

Some of our Badge of Life Canada volunteer cooks

Popular face painting booth

Sandra / Charlie / Laura

Charlie_CakesWelcome Charlie cakes

Charlie cookies

The BBQ was a great success and we want to thank our sponsors who generously donated the food for the event:


Canadian Public Safety personnel and their families are never on this journey alone. Organizations like Badge of Life Canada are here to be a part of that journey with a pro-active approach to mental wellness. We need to continue the dialogue in order to transform the culture. We are always open to positive comments and suggestions. You can reach us on our website at


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