Love Your Life to Death

Book Cover Love Yourself to Death

Love Your Life to Death will make you laugh, it will make you cry, but most importantly, it may give you a new perspective on life and death. Through heartfelt…

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After the Sirens

Book Cover After the Sirens To The Brink and Back

After the Sirens: to the Brink and Back is about the effects of emergency services stress and cumulative stress from the perspective of a paramedic and EMS educator. It is…

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No Time to Say Goodbye

Book Cover No Time to Say Goodbye

No Time to Say Goodbye: Surviving The Suicide Of A Loved One This is an excellent book for the survivors of law enforcement suicides, too often shunned and forgotten by…

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On The Edge

Book Cover On The Edge

On the Edge: Recent Perspectives on Police Suicide In this book, the authors extend their academic research and knowledge on the subject to a national level. Two of the authors,…

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