After the Sirens

Book Cover After the Sirens To The Brink and Back

After the Sirens: to the Brink and Back is about the effects of emergency services stress and cumulative stress from the perspective of a paramedic and EMS educator. It is…

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Book Cover Broken A Paramedics Battle with PTSD

Broken: A Paramedics Battle with PTSD “I was passionate about my work and fully committed to making a change to peoples lives. It was my dream job, full of excitement…

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Burning Down The House

Book Cover Burning Down the House

Burning Down the House is the story of Wangersky’s eight-year career as a volunteer firefighter, an experience that wound up reaching into every facet of his life and changed the…

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Damage Done A Mountie’s Memoir

Book Cover Damage Done

Damage Done A Mountie’s Memoir: From Hurt to Hopeful, From Horses to Healing An unflinching portrayal how one idealistic young RCMP officer battled her way through job-induced trauma, anger and…

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56 Seconds

Book Cover 56 Seconds

20% of all sales donated back to BOLC – when ordering through mention in the PayPal comments – “Ordered via BOLC” Syd Gravel’s testimonial to Healthy Survival of PTSD.…

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Force Under Pressure

Book Cover Force Under Pressure

Force Under Pressure by Dr. Lawrence Blum who has devoted his life’s work to the survival and wellness of “those who serve,” describes the sources of danger, injuries, and victory…

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I Love a Cop

Book Cover I Love A Cop

Nothing worth doing is easy–and that includes loving a cop. Being a member of the law enforcement community is a source of pride for officers and families alike. But long…

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Life Sentence

Book Cover Life Sentence

Life Sentence; A Police Officer’s Battle with PTSD “How a dream job became a nightmare ‘I’m awake again, shaking, sweating. My heart is racing and I stare into the dark.…

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