Book Cover A Very Checkered Career

A Very Chequered Career

By: Garry Maher (Author)

A Very Chequered Career – A story inspired by actual events

Detective Sergeant Owen Maloney is a highly regarded veteran police officer. Together with his reputation as an intelligent, ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ detective, his steely determination, and keen analytical mind, Detective Maloney was ‘going places’ career wise.

During the latter part of his 25-year police career, Owen started to become depressed, experience mood swings, and lose his zest for life – a dominant characteristic of his outgoing personality.

While Owen appeared to be in control of these changes, he was unwittingly being drawn into the clutches of a potentially deadly illness – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Together with his misguided belief that alcohol would help him relax and cope with his depression, he soon became addicted to it and, with his declining health, suffered two near fatal heart attacks, which required life-saving surgery.

For Owen his war was now on two fronts – his battle against crime and his battle against PTSD and the deleterious effects of alcohol abuse. Armed with the love and support of his wife, the guidance of a recovering alcoholic priest, and Alcoholics Anonymous, he was victorious in one – turning what were huge stumbling blocks in his life into stepping-stones to bigger and greater things.

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