Restored A Journey Towards Forgiving and Healing by Noah Mugenyi


By: Noah Mugenyi

Restored – A Journey Towards Forgiving and Healing

A journey towards Forgiving and Healing lies a twofold. A personal journey of lived experiences and a Mental health self-help resource for anyone, who is confronted with life’s greatest challenges; and seeking to overcoming obstacles life may pose. From childhood traumas and surviving a war in Uganda to overcoming domestic violence and abusive relationships in own family of origin. From fighting addiction in own family system to dealing with concurrent issues such as chronic stress, anxiety and depression with difficult emotions like anger, resentment and having suicidal idealizations or attempts. This is my story of rebirth and resilience, hope, forgiveness and restoration and above all; restored from daunting traumatic memories as survivor to trauma psychotherapist and addictions counsellor. “Healed people heal others.”

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