Book Cover Still Standing

Still Standing

By: By Kevin Rempel (Author)

Still Standing: When You Have Every Reason To Give Up, Keep Going

Doctors said he’d never walk again.

A freestyle motocross accident left Kevin wheelchair-bound. His injury was almost identical to his father Gerry’s, whose fall from a tree stand had left him a paraplegic just four years prior.

Two men in two wheelchairs in the same house dealt with loss in opposite ways. Kevin was determined to overcome the physical and emotional battle and fight his way back. However Gerry’s bitterness overtook him. He drove everyone away and eventually took his own life. The family was devastated.

Despite loss after loss, Kevin worked to rebuild his health, mind, and career. He chose to see it all as an opportunity to reinvent himself. Leaving motocross behind, he pursued sledge hockey and rose quickly to the top helping Canada earn gold in the 2013 World Championships and bronze in the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia.

Today, Kevin shares his story to inspire others to never give up. You have all the courage needed to rise above your challenges. It takes resilience, perseverance, and commitment to stick through hard times. Kevin firmly believes that If he can overcome his adversity and tragedy, you can overcome yours.

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