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Disability Tax Credit
Disability Tax Credit

You can find information from this link

You need to pick up the form from your accountant’s office.

You require your psychologist or doctor to fill it out.

Then take it back to your accountant’s office and they’ll mail it in for you.

There isn’t much space for the answers and it’s best to attach summaries from diagnosis or extra pages.

It takes several months before you hear anything back. They may deny you or ask for further information.

You may also want to check this site as you may qualify for CPP disability


See article by David Brannen, a former occupational therapist turned disability lawyer. He is the owner of Resolute Legal and the author of A Beginner's Guide to Disability Insurance Claims in Canada and the CPP Disability Claim Approval Blueprint.


Disability tax credit not extended to those with mental illness

There are many Canadians with serious mental illness who, experts say, are missing out on benefits and tax breaks because too few doctors understand what constitutes a disability.  See full article: