Dr Greg Anderson is the Dean, Office of the Applied Research & Graduate Studies, at the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC). He oversees three Associate Deans, two Directors, two Research Centres and provides oversight as Investigator and/or Administrative Lead with the application and management of individual and collaborative applied research projects totaling over $8 million in the last five years. His research interests lie in occupational fitness, wellness and occupational physiology of physically demanding occupations and has developed and assessed an online learning tool for first responders to improve their personal resilience prior to deployment.  He is well published in both pure science and practitioner journals, and has been an invited speaker at regional, national and international venues where he translates “the science” for practitioners, providing them with a better understanding of the fundamental theory behind popular practice.




Dr. Greg Anderson, PhD
Dean, Office of Applied Research & Graduate Studies


Tel: 604.528.5617  |  ganderson@jibc.ca

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