Robert L. Perkins Ph.D., C.P., B.C.E.T.S.

Robert L. Perkins is a former Police Sergeant of 14 years and a Professor of Applied Psychophysiology with the College Of Certified Psychophysiologists.  He is a Board Certified Psychophysiologist.  He is a member of the Board of Directors of NABCP (North American Board Of Certified Psychophysiologists), CPCA (California Practical Chaplain Association), OCISF (Ontario    Critical Incident Stress Foundation), and Restored Heroes.  He is an advocate of the successful treatment of P.T.S.D. within the Law Enforcement Community without the use of medication or continual therapy.  He is advocate of the prevention of P.T.S.D. through the use of Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and founded the Ontario Critical Incident Stress Foundation in 2004 in   Toronto Canada.  He established the California Practical Chaplain Association in 2014 to properly train and certify those wishing to serve as Police Chaplains.  In 2016 he established Restored Heroes, a non profit that treats military veterans suffering from PTSD through what is known as Surf Therapy or Ocean Therapy.

Currently he is working with the Ontario Critical Incident Stress Foundation and other Chaplaincy organizations helping establish and train Mental Health Professionals and Chaplains in practical Psychophysiological Skills that allow them to assist people in trauma in the community.  He is the lead course facilitator for Critical Incident Stress Debriefing to which he travels around the United States and Canada teaching and certifying primarily law enforcement professionals in CISD which has direct impact on preventing PTSD.

He resides between Los Angeles California and Toronto Canada with his wife who is also a Psychophysiologist.


Robert L. Perkins Ph.D., C.P., B.C.E.T.S.
Executive Director
Member, Board of Directors
Global Critical Incident Stress Foundation