Dr. Susan Hardt

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Susan Hardt

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Online Therapeutic Practice
Phone: 289-401-8153
Email: contactdrhardt@gmail.com
Website: Dr.SusanHardt

Dr. Susan Hardt exclusively offers online therapy which provides the opportunity to extend therapeutic care from any device and place of the person’s choosing. Her practice has evolved with a strong focus on individuals affected by personal trauma such as PTSD as well as service-related challenges for first responders and military personnel.

Originally this interest developed following her work at Douglas Hospital Emergency and Crisis Center as well the Montreal General Hospital Emergency. Dr. Hardt also volunteered to support people facing adversity; those residing in shelters, and assisting individuals focused on building a fresh start—distancing themselves from the experienced violence. She dedicated her work as an agent of change through principles of empowerment, choice and respect.

Dr. Hardt is a passionate advocate for access to mental health services for all. With a core belief that everyone should have access to optimal care, she assisted in the development and execution of the Adult and Pediatric Emergency Medicine Volunteer Program in Chicago at the Mitchell Emergency Department at the University of Chicago Hospital. In recent years, she has volunteered her time at Victim Services of Peel where she aided victims of crime and tragedy during the court process.

For Dr. Hardt, wellbeing for all its members—human and animal alike, is crucial to the advancement of our communities, with a focus intended to accommodate, change, renew, and elevate individual value and dignity. Furthermore, with strong family ties with veteran police personnel, Dr. Hardt understands directly the concerns and demands that are faced daily by first responders and their families.

Dr. Hardt is a member in good standing of both the Order of Psychologists of Quebec and of the College of Psychologists of Ontario. She is also a member of the Canadian Psychological Association as well as the Ontario Psychological Association.

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