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Events Coordinator
Events Coordinator

Events Coordinator

In an effort to have co-ordinated event management and ongoing fundraising planning for Badge of Life Canada / Insigne de vie Canada – our Board is pleased to announce that we will be entering into an agreement that will meet these expectations via  Royal Events – Celyne Rook

Moving forward this will allow our charitable organization to continue finding innovative and exciting ways to ensure sustainable funding options for the delivery of our Mission and Programs.

Celyne not only models our merchandise, including our Spartan Suicide Prevention bracelets, t-shirt and toque – but she is very passionate about our Mission and Programs.

We encourage interested parties in making connections with her to help move our organization even farther forward as we continue to grow and evolve organizationally.

We look forward as we continue to move…Forward Always…Always Forward…

Please join us in making this a reality as we continue to “help the helpers…who help others”.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, we are proud to participate in helping #changeculture within police, correctional and other first responder organizations that wish to network and collaborate with us.

We can all work together to ensure such change happens by becoming #AgentsofChange with respect to how the mental health of first responder personnel is understood and addressed across Canada.


Please join us in our Mission as many lives and family relationships depend upon this paradigm shift in thinking and addressing psychological injuries diagnosed from service.

If you wish to donate to our organizational Mission – please do not hesitate to contact us via email:  or  by phone (519) 377-6959.

Indeed, there are #StrengthinNumbers.


Badge of Life Canada, Board of Directors