Our charitable organization, Badge of Life Canada / Insigne de vie Canada is asking for your assistance with our Fundraising endeavours now and into the future.

By purchasing gift cards for numerous businesses this allows you to purchase items and shop as usual – while at the same time allows Badge of Life Canada fundraising opportunities since the organization you purchase a gift card towards will submit a per centre of your actual purchase to assist with delivering our Programs.

Here is how it works:

Pay for your everyday expenses & gifts with gift cards bought from FundScrip.

Each purchase automatically includes a donation to BOLC.

You aren’t out of pocket, and you shop where they would normally shop.

The list of Fundscrip Retailers is extensive covering food, gas, electronics, health & beauty, restaurants, pet stores, apparel and travel:

Looking for What Retailers Are Using the Program?

BOLC Participating Retailers


1. Buy $100, Get $100

Buy cards at face value, get face value at the retailers – you lose nothing

2. Shop As Usual

With cards from over 220 leading retailers, there’s no need to change your shopping habits

3. Pay With Gift Cards

Pay with gift cards instead of credit/debit/cash for your everyday items & gifts

4. Raise Funds

Each purchase automatically includes a donation for BOLC that can quickly add up over time


How Do You Support Us?

Just use Group Code          “2QYN79



Locate the group Badge of Life Canada.

Then set up a one time profile which will allow you to search for vendors and purchase gift cards.

Here’s How

You Can Support Badge of Life Canada while shopping with gift cards.

Just click on the above link, which sets up a one time profile and then you can browse the stores and purchase a gift card. This is no different then buying a gift card from a store.

If you purchase $100 at the Gap they get a $100 gift card from the Gap and the Gap will then donate a percentage (ex. %10 of the $100) to BOLC without the supporter being out of pocket. The donation is coming from The Gap.

BOLC Participating Retailers

Useful Example:

“For example, a person grocery shops at Metro weekly, I would recommend they sign up for EFT and get gift cards instead of paying debit at the store, this way they’re making a donation without being out of pocket and still get to purchase groceries by paying in other means.

We’re basically asking people to shop differently. Instead of paying at the store, by gift cards, continue shopping and make a donation without being out of pocket.”




~ Celyne Rook, Events Coordination, Badge of Life Canada