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Since 2003, La Vigile has helped more than 2,500 people with various issues related to addiction, depression, post-trauma, anxiety, bereavement, anger, conjugal. Home of peace for officers, military or emergency respondents & members of their immediate family or anyone else in need, La Vigile testifies that the 632 people between 2013 and 2015 (3 years), 56 % had suicidal distress upon admission, 32% were admitted for depression, 36% were admitted for addiction, 19% were admitted for respite.

No one is immune to psychological suffering. We live in an increasingly demanding world where performance criteria are omnipresent. Clients with a dominant problem in addictions or pathological gambling are accommodated in separate units.

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For registration, Maison Vigile 581-742-7001 Ask to talk to the nurse.

For registration, contact the medical service of La Vigile at 581-742-7001 or 1-888-315-0007

The LA VIGILE therapy home offers professional services on six (6) components: addictions, depression, post-trauma (PTSD), anxiety, anger and letup.

The programs are based on workshops of psychoeducation via the cognitive approach with individual meeting with professionals trained in counselling and according to the specific needs of the customer of La Vigile.

Our interventions are inspired by …

These six (6) programs are complemented by fitness, relaxation and nutrition workshops. All our clients have access to a fitness room, a follow-up by a kinesiologist and a balanced diet.

+1 (581) 742-7001 8h – 17h
+1 (888) 315-0007 Night and day

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