Dave Mydlo

Media Relations

Badge of Life Canada is extremely excited to have Dave Mydlo join our organizational team. Dave will be assisting with such requirements as media relations, future information podcasts, as well as Public Service Announcements via video productions as part of a new media relations committee.

is a well respected television broadcaster with experience in all aspects of video production. Civically-engaged and well connected, with many demonstrable successes producing compelling, high-value television content in both long and short form formats. Well established and respected in the Greater Hamilton community with an extensive portfolio of high-quality projects in local news, public affairs, current events, sports, music and entertainment genres.

Dave is highly involved with MYDA 2.8 Multimedia which is one of Hamilton’s most comprehensive television resource facilities. Specializing in the provision of broadcast consulting and freelance video production services, the company is focused on impactful local projects.

MYDA 2.8 Multimedia has produced compelling television programming often from original concept to delivery of the final edit. In 2015, the company has undertaken production of the private documentary “First Responder: The Inner Battle”. The documentary shared insight into the stigmatized world of the mental issues often suffered by those “first-on-site” in disastrous situations. As the Senior Producer on this project, Dave conducted all of the original research, locating and contacting those First Responders who are struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dave also coordinated all other aspects for the documentary including shoot days, travel itineraries, budgets, and production timelines. The company has also produced numerous short-form television commercials, promotional spots and other compelling content for our clients within the Greater Hamilton area.

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