Megan Phillips

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Megan Phillips

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Phillips & Associates Psychotherapy
303 – 266 Oxford Street East, London  ON  N6A 1V1

In person in the London area

Phone: 519-630-8233

Megan is a registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. She has provided psychological support and treatment to adults since 2000. With an educational background including Human Science, Psychology, Drug and Alcohol Counselling and Social Work, Megan is as versatile in her treatments approaches as she is in her educational background.

Through her work in private practice and community mental health programs, Megan has acquired extensive experience in providing psychological services utilizing a variety of therapeutic interventions, including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), relaxation strategies, dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), as well as relapse prevention and chemical dependence interventions.

Clinically, Megan’s broad range of experience includes working with clients struggling with mood disorders such as depression and anxiety; post-traumatic stress disorder; occupational stress injuries; chemical dependency; eating disorders; grief and bereavement issues; compulsive hoarding; and relationship difficulties.

Megan is an experienced therapist who has extensive experience working with complex trauma and looks to lend her experience and expertise to the first responder population. In addition to being a treatment provider, Megan is an experienced facilitator of multiple educational and professional development seminars ranging in topics from Principles of Addictions, Relapse Prevention education, Motivational Interviewing and Introductory PTSD. Megan is also an award winning post-secondary instructor teaching in the areas of Addictions and Mental Health.

In mid 2013, Megan entered into private practice supporting individuals in the London area and has recently extended her support and expertise to the Peer Support Program of the London Police Services to provide education and information to the Peer Support officers.

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