Michelle Vincent MACP, Retired YRP, Founder/Director of the Haven

As a recently retired York Regional police officer, as well as the founder/director of Ontario’s non-profit, occupational-specific, inpatient treatment centre exclusive to first responders and uniform personnel, The Haven, Michelle is connected with policing organizations in the GTA, nationally and internationally. She has a cultural understanding of mental health issues within the first responder and uniform personnel community. Michelle has supported the implementation of leading-edge programming within her own policing organization and continues as a consultant in this area. Her extensive background and education, including a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology, experience providing counselling/therapy to first responders, being a PhD candidate in Forensic Psychology with a specialization in Crisis Response provides Badge of Life Canada as an advisor with numerous resources. Michelle uses evidence-based programming along with an open-minded approach to connect with leading-edge modalities in mental health program delivery. She is a published writer for Blueline Magazine, monthly column Holding the Line addressing a combination of mental health and policing, as well as writes occasionally for Intime Articles. Michelle has been nominated for various awards and was the recipient of the 2019 Program Assistance Therapist Award from Badge of Life Canada. Her passion in supporting the mental health and reintegration of first responders into family, workplace and community life along with phenomenal programs such as Edmonton Police Service’s Reintegration After Critical Incident and Long-Term Leave, Badge of Life Canada’s SOLE Sistas and Heroes Call is what inspires her to serve with these life-saving organizations. Although retired from policing, she remains an active York Region CISM member and call-out coordinator.

Michelle’s most important message is, in partnership we can!