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PTSD Coach Canada – Mobile Application-free

Description: The PTSD Coach Canada app can help you learn about and manage symptoms that can occur after trauma.
Features include:
Reliable information on PTSD and treatments that work
Tools for screening and tracking your symptoms
Convenient, easy-to-use tools to help you handle stress symptoms
Direct links to support and help
Always with you when you need it
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Free PTSD Coach Canada downloads from VeteransAffairsCanada


TruReach – Mental Wellness on-the-go

TruReach has broken down cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) into quick, 5-minute lessons and packed them into the TruReach app. Before you get started, remember that the information and content of TruReach are for informational purposes only and are in the nature of a self-help book or magazine article.
If you feel that you would benefit from seeing a health professional, please contact a licensed health professional in your area.Nothing in TruReach should be considered to be – or used as a substitute for – health advice or treatment.

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OSI Connect Application-free

OSI Connect is a free mental health learning and self-management mobile app developed to help OSI patients and their families understand the nature of operational stress injuries (OSIs) and to provide help through the OSI Clinic Network across Canada. The resources on OSI Connect address challenges including post-traumatic stress and triggers, depression, anger, sleep problems, substance abuse, stress management and more.
Developed by the Royal Ottawa OSI Clinic with the support of Veterans Affairs Canada, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, BlackBerry and Android devices. OSI Connect is a regularly updated, information rich, interactive mobile application. There are assessments, videos and clear information for Veterans and others with an OSI, including how to get an OSI clinic appointment

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Top 15 Apps to Improve Your Mental Health (2019)
We performed extensive research and hand-picked these top 15 mental health apps that can be downloaded and utilized on all types of devices and computers. You do not have to DIY your own mental health anymore – all you need is a link and active access to the Internet and the pure will to get the help and learn the most to help you improve your mental health and well-being.


10mentalhealth apps.

With so many apps on the market, it’s hard to know what is useful.  These apps have been chosen by Sandra Kiume as the top

World of Psychology About the Blog Archives
Top 10 Mental Health Apps By Sandra Kiume
~ 2 min read
Top 10 Mental Health Apps
With so many apps on the market, it’s hard to know which are useful.
Many are designed by software developers instead of psychologists, without scientific testing. They range from beneficial, to harmless but useless, to bordering on fraudulent.
The apps selected for this list make no hucksterish claims and are based on established treatments. Progressive Muscle Relaxation, for example, has been used for a century and is likely just as effective in this new medium. Knowledge from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy enrich two apps on this list. Others mix solid information with ingenuity.

Don’t forget to download the free PsychCentral app to keep up with the latest mental health information.

Big White Wall is an online mental health and wellbeing service offering self-help programs, creative outlets and a community that cares. When you're dealing with everyday stressors or major life events, they can help you get through it.

Upon joining, you’ll have access to:

  • A supportive, anonymous community
  • Artistic tools to help visually represent how you’re feeling
  • Guided programmes on a range of topics such as ‘Manage Stress & Anxiety’, ‘Quit smoking’, ‘Manage Your Depression’, ‘Eat Healthy & Lose Weight’ and more
  • Lots of different tests to help determine how you’re feeling
  • A bank of useful resources and information about mental health and more

Big White Wall is available FREE to all Ontario residents with an eligible Ontario postal code.