Neuro Trophic Stimulation Therapy

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Shawn Poppi Sabhaney, R.Ac, dip.DTCM, NADA Specialist

Creator, Program Facilitator, & Medical Therapist of the NeuroTrophic Stimulation Program

Co-Creator & Medical Therapist of the Trauma Relief Program for co-morbid conditions

NeuroTrophic Stimulation Therapy© Program [NTST]. This state-of-the-art neurophysiological evidence based approach was developed to mitigate side effects and improve outcomes when treating post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury [TBI], mental health, substance withdrawal and other concurrent disorder patients.

The Neural Clinic uses an innovatively simple science based approach to reduce PTSD and trauma-related symptoms.

It is an easy and effective neurophysiological approach to restore normal brain function through simple nerve and fascial tissue stimulation. My treatments are very simple and effective outpatient service; and it is complementary to current PTSD therapies.

Every person is unique, and so are their physical injuries and PTSD symptoms. PTSD and Trauma can happen in many ways, display itself, and persist through a broad spectrum of physiological symptoms after primary care has attended to the initial and obvious physical injuries.

Starting from the very first treatment, every session with The Neural Clinic will make a difference for you


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