Our Clinic - Veteran First, Veteran Focused.  Open to First Responders.


Benefit Help - Benefits calls made on your behalf to ensure your extended benefits are used efficiently and effectively. Help with paperwork – motor vehicle accident and WSIB forms, VAC paperwork and more. Lobbying your car insurance company, WSIB, VAC and other practitioners to get best care for you. Interdisciplinary practitioners work together to ensure world-class treatments and therapies.

Office Syndrome - Our Clinic offers personalized programs with an assortment of innovative technologies and experienced practitioners, Our Clinic provides first class therapies, treatments and education.

Pheonix Program - Designed specifically for veterans of the Canadian Forces, the Phoenix Program can help with medical pension paperwork and applications for cannabis therapy as well as design individualized programs that address the often complex physical, emotional and mental needs of Canadian Forces veterans.

Rebuild - Our Clinic believes in fair and equitable access to healthcare for everyone. The Rebuild Program was created and is managed by Our Clinic. It’s designed to help improve health outcomes for people with barriers to getting the therapies and medical products they need to attain better wellness.

Women's Health Program - Get started on your journey to better health and develop healthy habits to stay on track in the future. The Women’s Health Program gives you valuable access to Our Clinic’s staff of experienced female practitioners with the information you need to change your life. 

Yoga for trauma - According to recent research on yoga and trauma, yoga has the potential to be used as an effective treatment for reducing symptoms associated with PTSD The goal of Our Clinic’s Yoga for Trauma classes is to help participants cultivate tools to increase self-awareness, emotional regulation, and relaxation, as well as improve overall physical and mental well-being.

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