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Leadership Program


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Badge of Life Canada collaborates with key organizational stakeholders, including the Ontario Provincial Police, by delivering educational programming to a variety of supervisors, including up to the rank of Chief Superintendent.

Our Leadership Program is tailor designed to increase awareness of operational stress injuries with the various subject matter being examined; the moral risks of policing, sanctuary trauma, perceived injustice, toxic work environments, compassion, fatigue and burnout. The experiential program utilizing evidence based practices is facilitated in conjunction with mental health professionals, chaplains and positive lived experience individuals.

Discipline Program


Together, Everyone Achieves, More

We collaborate with key stakeholders to assist with delivering a program for members facing discipline but who are being reintegrated into the workplace. The purpose of this particular programming is to avoid the discipline leading to poor mental health coping skills by the member, while facing the respective discipline, that the member does not spiral into suicidal ideation, with the focus being a 'Return to Life' experience, while supporting the member in safely 'Returning to Work' as well.

Please contact us directly to discuss the details further for a program that can be tailored to the requirements of your organization.

We also do short term psychoeducation/peer support tailored to your organization's needs.