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Peer Support Training
Peer Support Training

Peer Support Training

Two Day Peer Support Training Accredited by Mood Disorders Society of Canada

Please Join us for a two day Peer Support Training Session. Price includes includes lunch and snacks both days. Limited to 16 participants

Where: The Trauma Centre, 18642 Leslie Street, Sharon, ON L0G 1V0 or The Olde Meeting House, 6814 Harbour St., Ottawa, ON K0A 1X0

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Q. Can you tell me what the difference between this peer support training and CISM training is?

A. “There is indeed a substantial amount of difference between CISM Training and Peer Support training. In a nutshell, CISM training is about Crisis Management and Diffusion as a result of a specific incident and ensuring supports are in place for those involved in a critical incident. An important for step. However, Peer Support takes it a step further along the continuum and is long term support for those who do not recover well or as expected and not limited to critical incidents but may include support for someone suffering anxiety and depression as well as many other mental health injuries not only acute but also cumulative.

Generally not everyone who takes CISM Training does peer work, but everyone who does peer training is encouraged to do CISM training.”  ~ Syd Gravel



“WALK THE TALK – First Responder Peer Support – A boots-on-the-ground Peer and Trauma Support Systems Guide”

Now available for pre-order at:

If you worried and wondering about what to do next about mental health and safety within your workplace, you are not alone.

The single most common concern we hear from organizations is, “Where do we start?” and the second most common concern is, “Who do we turn to for process and training?”

Brad McKay and Syd Gravel, are very pleased to announce their new book entitled “Walk The Talk – First Responder Peer Support, A Boots-on-the-Ground, Peer & Trauma Support Systems Guide.”, affectionately known to us as, “Walk the Talk”

This is the book everyone has been asking for us to write. In it we share the information you need to develop and create your own in-house trauma management processes and peer support groups. We have identified for you, the many ways in which successful cutting edge organizations have already established some great approaches. Thus giving you examples, ideas and discussion points of how you can manage these actions within your own house.

We also refer to some of our personal experiences using our over 55 years of experience and knowledge based on our work over those many years in the co-founding and development of the York Regional Quad-Services Critical Incident and Peer Support Teams by Brad McKay and the Ottawa Police Service’s Robin’s Blue Circle by Syd Gravel – an informal post shooting trauma peer team in existence since 1988.

To contact the authors;

Sylvio (Syd) A Gravel, M.O.M., Email:

Brad McKay, CTSS Email:

Peer Support Accreditation and Certification Canada (PSACC) is a national charitable organization dedicated to the advancement of peer support. See:

We provide National Peer Support Certification, Family Peer Support Certification, and Peer Support Mentor Certification.

Certification is based on the Standards of Practice for mental health peer supporters – standards that were developed in consultation with peer supporters from across the country and endorsed by peer leaders representing interests nationwide. The national Standards of Practice consist of the knowledge, competencies, experience, and code of conduct requirements to effectively provide peer support services with due care and skill in a variety of settings.

Certification Handbook

The National Standard of Practice for Peer Supporters

The PSACC Certification Handbook, version 3, was released April 2016. This new version of the Handbook includes Standard of Practice and the certification process for Peer Supporters and Peer Support Mentors. It is available free of charge to anyone who is interested in certification or learning more about PSACC’s certification processes.

Download the Certification Handbook, version 3