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“WALK THE TALK – First Responder Peer Support – A boots-on-the-ground Peer and Trauma Support Systems Guide”

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If you worried and wondering about what to do next about mental health and safety within your workplace, you are not alone.

The single most common concern we hear from organizations is, “Where do we start?” and the second most common concern is, “Who do we turn to for process and training?”

Brad McKay and Syd Gravel, are very pleased to announce their new book entitled “Walk The Talk – First Responder Peer Support, A Boots-on-the-Ground, Peer & Trauma Support Systems Guide.”, affectionately known to us as, “Walk the Talk”

This is the book everyone has been asking for us to write. In it we share the information you need to develop and create your own in-house trauma management processes and peer support groups. We have identified for you, the many ways in which successful cutting edge organizations have already established some great approaches. Thus giving you examples, ideas and discussion points of how you can manage these actions within your own house.

We also refer to some of our personal experiences using our over 55 years of experience and knowledge based on our work over those many years in the co-founding and development of the York Regional Quad-Services Critical Incident and Peer Support Teams by Brad McKay and the Ottawa Police Service’s Robin’s Blue Circle by Syd Gravel – an informal post shooting trauma peer team in existence since 1988.

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