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The Positive Inception


The Positive Inception

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The positive inception is more than a clothing line, it is a way of life, it is a mindset, it is a lifestyle.  Ryan Benoit CEO and Founder of The Positive Inception Incorporated supports Badge of Life Canada with a percentage of his proceeds.  Thank you Ryan for being amazing person and trying to make our world more positive.  Badge of Life Canada thanks for your support.

The GOAL and MISSION of the brand:
The goal and mission of this clothing line would be to remind people about the amazing things in life and help people gain positive perceptions, to help people expose themselves with passion, imagination, and creation. To try and make this world we live in easier for people and more positive. To lead by example, help spread love, compassion and help people persevere with their dreams.

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The Positive Inception:  Ryan Benoit

Inception has the meaning of starting, or that it explains a new beginning. When starting something or beginning something in life, it is truly important to think positive, have positive thoughts and positive intentions. When committing to a project or to a certain individual, you have to make sure that you put your heart and soul into it. A big part of the brand refers to dreams. In life, positive dreams are extremely important. It is a special creation of your imagination. Dreams can consist of anything an individual wants. It can consist of amazing memories, and incredible feelings such as; love, perseverance, passion, creation, imagination. Positive dreams can help a person have a new perspective, to help someone look forward to something, and it can help someone open new horizons.

The logo is a seed and reason being is because a seed is the start of something new, the beginning of a new life. For a seed to grow, you need water and light for it to become healthy. Human beings are kind of like seeds due to the fact that you need people around you to help you grow and become the person that you are today. Usually, a seed grows into something beautiful and it can evolve into a lot of different directions. If people can use positivity in the right way, they are be guided into different directions and the possibilities are endless.

The positive inception is built on a foundation of love, creativity, dreams, teamwork, perseverance and positivity. With that being said, it is always important to try and bring out the positive in every situation. On a day-to-day basis, some people forget about the simple things in life. People become so corrupt with a daily routine, people sometimes forget who they are. It is extremely important to always be true to yourself and be true to others. To treat people as what you would want to be treated. It is also important to sometimes take the risk in what you believe in. If you have a good idea, run with it and persevere with it.

The great thing about the positive inception is that it has a different meaning for everyone, because in life, every individual is completely unique and different in their own way. Everyone has different dreams, obstacles to overcome and new experiences to begin.  That’s what makes the world so exciting!

The positive inception is what you make of it; it is your start, your beginning. Those who are lazy, pick up the remains of those who hustle. Follow your dreams, and you will get everything you want!!


My perception of the brand (Ryan Benoit):