Reflexology is an age old therapy with ties to Traditional Chinese Medicine and similarities with Acupressure and Acupuncture. Reflexology is a natural energy therapy which helps balance the mental, emotional, and physical selves. Reflexologists use finger and thumb techniques to stimulate the nerve endings in the hand or feet. This stimulation elicits four main benefits, relaxation, reduction of stress, increase of circulation, and a balancing of the body systems. It is an effective stress relief adjunct therapy.

Mark has been a certified reflexology practitioner for the last eight years. The positive outcomes and responses from his clients has led Mark to be a vocal advocate of the benefits of reflexology as a natural integrative therapy. For those who suffer with PTSD, anxiety or depression and wish to address and support their conditions in an holistic manner, reflexology may be a great addition on the journey to wellness. Mark’s treatment area extends from Cobourg in the West, to the Mohawk Territory of Tyendinaga in the East.


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