I have found in my practice that Reiki is an invaluable tool for transformation from being stuck in a loop of emotions and memories.  Reiki or Universal Life force energy elevates lower vibrations of stress and transforms them into higher ones of love and peace.  One can receive a reiki treatment or anyone can learn Reiki in a 4 day class after which they can treat themselves with Reiki every day.  It is simple yet powerful.

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Sound Vibration Healing Using Crystal Singing Bowls
Sound frequencies travel through our bodies faster than the speed of light, when those frequencies are higher than the frequencies within our body they naturally increase our vibrations.  When our body relaxes and releases blocked energy we come back into the resonance of our natural essence.    If you think of your body as a symphony orchestra, when all the instruments are tuned and playing together it creates beautiful music.  When stress and negative energy build up it sets those instruments out of tune.  We begin to slow down, feel tired, play out of tune.  Sound vibration healing helps to bring our body back into balance and harmony.
An ancient healing technique that assists the body in releasing blocked energy by bringing it into a state of relaxation.  Stress and negative energy affect every aspect of our body.  Reiki assists in relieving the effects of stress.
Slow the mind and the body down enough to be in the present moment. When we become aware of what our bodies are telling us we begin to understand how to heal them.  A guided meditation can take you to a place within you that is calling your attention, walk you through the healing process and assist you in releasing the energy you have been holding onto.  Or simply learn to quiet the mind and relax the body.
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