People sometimes find themselves relying to an unhealthy degree on substances to manage the anxiety, sleeplessness, and other symptoms associated with occupational stress injuries. And sometimes they’re not the ones who identify that they’ve got problems—it’s the people around them who start to suffer. We encourage you to explore your use of substances using these resources.

  •  John Hopkins in North America endorses this addiction questionnaire used as a gauge on use and dependency of alcohol
  • it may assist you in recognizing a need to seek assistance in dealing with alcohol consumption

Alcoholics Anonymous


Alcoholics Anonymous is

  • a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other
  • working together towards solving addiction problems
  • helping others to recover from alcoholism

Requirement for membership

  • a desire to stop drinking
  • no dues or fees
  • A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution
  •  primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.

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Feel you have a problem with alcohol?

  • attend an “open meeting” of Alcoholics Anonymous in your area
  • there are a great many AA Groups out there so why not explore recovery by attending a variety of meetings
  •  the format for hosting an Open Discussion AA meeting is Universally the same
  • you could attend a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous anywhere in Canada
  • this recovery program started in 1935, has a proven track record and the greatest success rate over the past 82 years.

The book called “Alcoholics Anonymous” commonly referred to as “The Big Book” (printed in 1939) provides the formula, detailing the program of recovery in the first 164 pages….this book has assisted millions of men and women worldwide to achieve and MAINTAIN sobriety.

Big Book” – “Alcoholics Anonymous” can be purchased in hard copy at most meetings, on line, or it can be read for free on-line by simply searching“Big Book”

Information for Mental Health and Addition Services in Canada

  • free and confidential health services information for people experiencing problems with alcohol and drugs, mental illness and/or gambling
  • funded by the Government of Ontario
  • call, email, or web chat 24/7 from anywhere in Ontario.

Connex Ontario

Find Services in Your Area


Drug Rehab Centres

Effective inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation is necessary for treatment success. With the need for rehabilitation to vary depending on the type of drug and the characteristics of the patients we can help you navigate towards success.

Substance Abuse Treatment



Wagon - Online App
  • an online outpatient clinic and interactive recovery plan
  • designed for those who may not have local access to outpatient services
  • spend a few minutes each day logging your goal completions, emotions, triggers, and more
  • reminds you exactly what you need to do to achieve your recovery goals
  • offers a variety of support services through secure video-conferencing technology
  • counsellor follows your progress, provides feedback with best-practice treatment methods

Indigenous Addictions Services - Canada Wide

Indigenous Addictions Services - Outside of Sagamok

Edgewood Health Network - Nanaimo, BC

  • offers a unique approach to the treatment of addiction and related mental health disorders across Canada
  • a wide range of options, available in both English and French
  • we can customize a tailor-fit program that is right for you

CAMH - Outpatient Only

  • for those self-identifying as First Nations, Inuit or Métis
  • provides outpatient groups and individual counselling to Aboriginal people experiencing substance use and mental health issues
  • offered as outpatient through secure Virtual Care platforms

Sandstone - Calgary, AB

  • customized inpatient recovery programs allow residents to take a focused inventory of their lives in an effort to uncover and explore the underlying traumas that result in addiction
  • recognizes it takes an incredible amount of strength and determination to confront both the symptom and the root cause
  • thoughtfully tailored to meet each individual’s needs, whether it’s support for long-term recovery or taking that first step

Cree Nations Treatment Haven - Ahtakakoop First Nation, Canwood, SK

Saskatchewan First Responders

  • first Responder 28 day drug and alcohol inpatient treatment accredited through the Federal Government
  • accept first nations and non-first nations adult clients
  • one to one, group counselling,  informational lectures, access to 12 step and first nations cultural activities
  • intake is limited to 10 first responders
  • clients must submit application for treatment and have medical attached with Covid test
  • no detox services clients report with at least 3 days of clean time
  • on duty health care with access to psychologist provided
  • no fee required but must have Saskatchewan Health card to attend

Contact intake personnel Roxanne

Phone: 1-306-468-2072

Homewood Health Centre Guelph, ON

  • a fully accredited provincial and national resource facility  providing highly specialized mental health and addictions services to all Canadians
  • over 130 years, of helping thousands of people living with mental health or addiction problems to get the support and treatment they need to make their lives better

Admitting inquiries


Phone: 1-866-839-2594

Health Centre Information


The Stable Grounds - London, ON

Recovery & Treatment Centre - Hamilton, ON

  • empowering families through recovery since 2005
  • offering a holistic approach for treating problematic substance misuse, behaviours, addictions and mental health issues through evidence-based practices

Medical Detox

Inpatient Residential Treatment

Virtual Outpatient Treatment

Psychological Treatment



Gateway Recovery Centre - Peterborough, ON

  • designed to respond specifically to the mental health and addiction needs of military, veterans, first responders, and healthcare workers
  • on call, night shift, or on tour, you’ve come face to face with experiences that many other people simply cannot understand
  • recognizes you may be experiencing trauma, substance abuse, and other concerns unique to your industryWhen you spend your life serving and protecting others, your own wellbeing can come second-place. That’s why EHN Canada has created a facility that is dedicated specifically to your treatment and recovery. At Gateway, your care is our priority.

Bellwood Health Services - Toronto, ON

  • for 30 years, Bellwood has helped individuals and families heal from addictions, eating disorders, and other related issues
  • treatment programs are based on the world-renowned treatment model of Dr. Gordon Bell (appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada for his contribution to addiction medicine)
  • treatment programs are Accredited with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada
  • high success rates are validated through scientific research

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres - Erin, ON

  • aiming to deliver the most comprehensive and effective evidence-based addiction treatment approach towards each and every client to maximize the effectiveness of both residential and outpatient treatment approaches
  • personalized & effective addiction treatment
  • addiction treatment programs CARF accredited, they adhere to the highest international standards of addiction treatment

Trafalgar East helps with addiction issues and psychological disorders, 45-day residential program.

Trafalgar West for individuals struggling with addiction and psychological disorders,30-day residential program with extended stays available

Trafalgar Outpatient  ideal alternative for those who can’t attend a residential facility, looking for a program suited to their schedule, budget and needs.

Clinique Nouveau Depart - Montreal, Quebec

  • Personalized and individualized patient care
  • recognizes many patients who experience substance abuse issues also have related mental health concerns
  • expect to receive the absolute best care that is based on scientifically proven ways to achieve and sustain recovery from drug abuse
  • a full staff of people specializing in mental health issues including depression, anxiety, trauma
  • physicians holding the highest levels of certification in Addiction Medicine lead the team of experienced and highly skills staff that will work with patients and their families

Ledgehill Treatment Centre- Lawrencetown, NS

  • offers separate male and female treatment quarters
  • offers high-quality, evidence-based treatment programs
  • implemented by professionally trained and certified staff
  • safe space for everyone to begin their recovery journey free from distraction or judgement

Trauma Healing Centre - Halifax, Moncton, St. John, Ottawa

  • recognizes that finding relief from symptoms can be difficult, and often challenging
  • dedicated team of professionals, will develop a treatment plan that will help manage your symptoms and daily living
  •  has a multi-disciplinary designation with Blue Cross for military and RCMP veteran clients
  • we offer medical cannabis consultations to patients who have not found relief with traditional medication, and we pair the consultation with a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness
  • we efficiently create a multi-disciplined plan to help veterans heal from their pensionable injuries using medical cannabis and therapy
  • a complete resource center for Canadian veterans, first responders, citizens and their families looking to improve their health and quality of life
  • Our goal is to be a dedicated team of professionals and veterans focused on healing patients using medical cannabisPTSD treatmenttrauma therapy, and disabling illness & chronic pain management through a multi-disciplinary approach.

Alcohol Demotivator tool at Abbeycare

After you enter your daily alcohol intake, the tool shows the negative effects of that consumption level, on health, finances, etc.

Addiction Guide

The road to recovery starts now!

Your reliable source on addiction and the dangers of illicit substances. We cover how drugs and alcohol affect the body, how to identify the signs and symptoms of abuse, and where to seek effective treatment. Our mission is to guide you and your loved ones to a healthier life.

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