Eligible for Disability Tax Credit?

You can download the necessary forms from the attached link or visit your nearest Provincial Service office. Depending upon the type of claim you will probably need a medical doctor and/or a specialist that has been treating you to complete their portions of the paperwork forms. The forms get submitted and you receive a response. Generally, your Provincial Service office will have people on staff that can ensure that you have completed your paperwork accordingly or require additional information attached.

  • You may pick up the form from your accountant’s office, or download them yourself.
  • You require your psychologist or doctor to fill it out.
  • You may then decide to mail it yourself or take it back to your accountant’s office and they’ll mail it in for you.
  • There isn’t much space for the answers and it’s best to attach summaries from diagnosis or extra pages.
  • It takes several months before you hear anything back. They may deny you or ask for further information.

Eligible for CPP Disability?

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefit is a monthly payment you can get if you:

  • are under 65
  • have made enough contributions into the CPP
  • have a mental or physical disability that regularly stops you from doing any type of substantially gainful work
  • have a disability that is long-term and of indefinite duration, or is likely to result in death

You may also want to check this site canada.ca/en/services/benefits as you may qualify for CPP disability.

In addition, you may wish to submit a T2201 Disability Tax Credit Certificate via the Canada Revenue Agency as well.

Disability tax credit not extended to those with mental illness

Article by David Brannen, a former occupational therapist turned disability lawyer. He is the owner of Resolute Legal and the author of A Beginner's Guide to Disability Insurance Claims in Canada and the CPP Disability Claim Approval Blueprint.

There are many Canadians with serious mental illness who, experts say, are missing out on benefits and tax breaks because too few doctors understand what constitutes a disability.

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