911 Lifestyle

I’m Andi, founder of 911 Lifestyle.

I am the wife of a Police Officer and mom of two boys.  My youngest son and I have a genetic stress condition.  What this means is that we always have extra stress hormones floating around in our brain and bodies making us more susceptible to burnout. The same as a First Responder whose stress response system never gets a break on and off shift.

Our bodies scream at us when our stress stress management system is taxed resulting in:
  • Sleep Issues - Tired and wired,  waking mid sleep
  • Brain Fog
  • Exhaustion no matter how much we sleep
  • Bursts of Anger that I thought came out of nowhere, but now know different
  • Waking mid sleep
  • Digestive Issues
  • Skin Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Depression and more...

For years I was lost, frustrated and angry and had resigned myself to thinking that this was my life until I  found someone who understood what was happening to my stress management system and was able to help and teach me everything needed to reverse my burnout and prevent it from happening again.    It turns out my career coaching high end stressed executives nutrition, training and stress management saved me from a worser fate.   I added all of my new learnings to what I was doing and then adapted them to work around my husbands crazy, shift working schedule with all of the unknowns.   Can’t get to the food he packed, Overtime, Shift Work and the list goes on. It took years to refine things to work for him.He was thriving in his career, but we saw his colleagues suffering.

I recovered from 2 huge burnout crashes, not unlike the crashes that we see happen too frequently in police officers and first responders, and I can definitively say that when my body was crashing there was no way, had I worked in your field, that I would have been able to ensure that I would have had the mental and physical ability to keep myself and my partner safe.   This is why it’s so important for me now to prevent the same thing from happening to you and all first responders who, through the very nature of your job, are set up for burnout but also have the most to lose if and when it does happen.

I created the 911 Lifestyle community full of Officers, First Responders and their families along with the Shift Work Cure Program to teach you how to support your stress management system.  We take into account everything your job throws at you, so you can  get a solid sleep, wake with energy, become calmer, happier and reverse your burnout.  I want you to thrive for the remainder of your career, without prescriptions and overwhelm, surrounded by others who understand what you are going through as they are experiencing the same thing.

Be Safe, Andi Clark