Shealagh Earle-Meadows

Occupational Therapist


Contact Info

Community Occupational Therapy
161 Greenbank Road # 100, Nepean ON K2H 5V6
In-person in the Ottawa area – Virtually across Ontario
Accepts work from a Workplace Injury Board
Phone: 866-526-0877

Shealagh Earle-Meadows is a Registered Occupational Therapist in Ontario with a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy (OT). She has worked in the field of mental health for 15 years, with 8.5 years as an OT. Her experience includes working in group homes, in community programs for brain injury, mental health and orthopaedic injuries, as well as in employment supports for persons with barriers to employment. Shealagh has personal experience with first responders, and has treated first responders within the context of a trauma program for 5 years.

Shealagh is trained in DBT, CBT, ACT and prolonged exposure therapy (ET), and generally uses approaches based on acceptance and action toward realistic and client derived goals. She is also trained as a yoga instructor and incorporates some basic body awareness and at times movement in order to target the nervous system that has been damaged by trauma, anxiety or depression.

She also assists people to build and develop new coping strategies in order to reduce symptoms in a client-controlled setting.

As an OT, Shealagh will be able to look at both mental and physical health through the lens of what is functional and meaningful to you, the client. OT interventions tend to be viewed as more action and goal-based, and OT’s can meet you in the community, in your environment if desired, and also virtually as needed. The environment is an important component to OT interventions and is addressed throughout treatment. Shealagh is able to provide wholistic interventions as an OT who is also qualified to provide psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic modalities within different treatment settings.

Shealagh mentors, oversees, and provides clinical supervision to, a team of Community Occupational Therapists in the Ottawa and Kingston regions, in the provision of in-vivo trauma-focused therapy, for First Responders, with the goal of helping their clients move forward from traumatic events, and in reclaiming their lives.

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