Be A Sponsor Of Badge Of Life Canada

One way you can help Badge of Life Canada is to sponsor us.  You can sponsor a conference and or attendees to go to the conference.

Why sponsor us?

Our conferences bring people together from many walks of life (police, corrections, fire, paramedics, health care, psychologists, therapists, spouses, those with operational stress injuries, researchers, academics, chaplains, chiropractors, yogis, family members, lawyers etc).  This allows for our education and awareness mission and creates a network of connections in that community which starts with the conference and continues to grow after the conference is over.  Sponsoring our conferences ensures that many benefit.

Why sponsor an attendee?

Many first responders can’t afford to attend given they are off work with their operational stress injury and are awaiting WSIB or have been denied WSIB.  Sponsoring their attendance ensures those that would benefit the most from attending are able to do so. Sponsoring an attendee helps them understand their situation, how to manage symptoms, how important self care is and most importantly that they are not alone.