Syd Gravel

National Police Advisor

Syd Gravel is a 31 year veteran and former Staff Sergeant of the Ottawa Police Service. As a result of his experience both as a 25 year survivor of PTSD and then 10 years as Staff Sergeant in charge of recruitment and training, Syd has observed some very interesting correlations between our recruiting and training practices and how these affect our employees’ and organizations’ ability to address trauma within the workplace. In 1988, Syd Gravel was one of the founding fathers of Robin’s Blue Circle, a post trauma team that assists officers work their way through the trauma of death or near-death work related incidents. In 2007, Syd was subsequently inducted as a Member of the Order Of Merit (M.O.M.) for his endeavours within policing.

Regardless of the fact that his experience is based in police related incidents, his wealth of information and the unique perspective between recruitment and training to reactions to trauma and peer building transcend all work environments. For Teachers, Professors, Trainers and Executives, Syd has developed a series of approaches and questions that when shared through a workshop format can help develop strategies, policies, procedures and processes for addressing trauma and develop peer support within the workplace. As one of the lead peer support trainers for the Moods Disorder Society of Canada, Syd has taken an active role in developing a vast amount of knowledge surrounding both formal and informal peer support systems within an organizational structure.

Syd has been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences and a guest speaker at numerous colleges and universities. Syd has also lead workshops in developing peer support for First Nations’ police officers at their annual workshops at “Dialogue for Life” Conferences in Montreal, Quebec.

Syd is the author of “56 Seconds” and “How to Survive PTSD and Build Peer Support” both available at

Sys’s specialty: “Building Resistance to Post Traumatic Stress – Peer Support Networks”
Syd hopes to raise the profile of Badge of Life Canada as the predominant organizational voice regarding operational stress injuries, including post-traumatic stress, and suicide prevention on behalf of all police (sworn/civilian) and correctional personnel across Canada who still suffer in silence.