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Dr. Morley is a recently retired RCMP officer, retiring as a Staff Sergeant after 23 years of service. Now in full-time practice as a psychologist, Dr. Morley works extensively with police officers and other first responders providing counselling, assessments, and critical incident / crisis training and interventions.

Emergency responders have the same stressors and difficulties in life as anyone, plus the added challenge of work that can negatively impact their lives, relationships, and families. Research shows that the vast majority of people who seek counselling find it helpful and effective. Finding a psychologist who understands trauma and emergency response work can help more quickly build an effective and trusting therapeutic alliance. Being proactive to seek counselling early on is very helpful to minimize distress, and ensure one stay healthy and strong.

Dr. Morley serves as an advisor to the Board of Directors for Badge of Life Canada.

Contact Info

Address: 2630 Croydon Drive, Suite 208,  Surrey, BC   Canada V3Z 6T3
Phone: 604-536-8819
Fax: 604-536-8266
Email: jeff@911resilience.ca
Website:  Dr. Jeff Morley

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