Newmarket, ON – Dr. Lisa Berger

Registered Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Lisa Berger is a Clinical, Counselling, and Rehabilitation Psychologist. She has worked with first responders and military personnel throughout her career providing comprehensive psychological services including clinical/diagnostic assessments and treatment for acute and chronic experiences. In the past, she has focused extensively on treatment and recovery. More recently she has had the privilege of working within the policing community to actively prevent operational stress injuries. Lisa works with both members and their families. She has had a longstanding interest in working to help people mend their lives and enable them to live more fully in the present.

Contact Info

Dr. Lisa Berger & Associates
Address: 179 Eagle Street, Newmarket, Ontario, Canda L3Y 1J7
Phone: 905-836-4555
Fax: 905-836-0976
Email: info@drlisaberger.com
Website: drlisaberger.com

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