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Carol has always been struck by human behavior, especially as it pertains to pain, suffering and joyless living. Carol has always been curious about ensuing downswing in moods and patterns of behavior that, though logical, are sometimes self-contradictory and unproductive. Carol has always wondered about the craving of the hearts of the distressed which, to my mind, are not infrequently obscured by the narrative, the explanations, the perspectives and the defenses that register adjustment and/or protest. More than all that though, Carol has always been gripped by a passion to get inside of things and to help people, individually and collectively, to revive and make better use of their own cogent, indigenous and powerfully effective healing mechanisms. For years, Carol worked at this in a more macro sense as an Economist helping to develop and evaluate policies, programs and economic systems that, despite the best of intentions, in many cases became integral to many individuals’ story of pain.

Carol is still enthralled by people’s struggle against their adverse, unwanted situations and about what she can do to help. She believe that working to improve economic and other societal systems are still imperatives in the battle towards liberation and wellness, including mental wellness. However, Carol also believe that the potency of individual psychological responses is often overlooked or minimized. In her work as a Counselor and Therapist, Carol creates space for people to heal from their emotional and psychological injuries, but equally importantly, she works with them where practical to prevent or otherwise to respond productively to stressful situations. Carol does this by providing therapy that serves them well by drawing on their strengths, their personal resources and their community of supports as well as safe and sound therapeutic theories and practices.

Carol has in excess of 13 years’ experience supporting people with diverse cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds battling various life challenges and mental health conditions.  Carol provides an environment and develop clinical relationships where anyone, irrespective of their self-definition or life experience, can feel welcomed and supported. Carols specialties include Addictions, Trauma (including PTSD), Stress Management and Critical Incident Stress Response (including supporting First Responders)

Carol is registered with Health Canada’s Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) and their Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program (IRS RHSP) and with Blue Cross Medavie. Carol would love to help you.

Carol offers in-office, telephone and video services.

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KTLO Counseling, Addiction and Critical Incident Response Services
Address: Hamilton, ON
Phone: 289-674-3911
Website: ktlo.ca

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