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Guelph, ON – Sarah Schlote
Guelph, ON – Sarah Schlote

Guelph, ON – Sarah Schlote

Registered Psychotherapist, MA, RP, CCC, SEP

The Refuge: Centre for Healing and Recovery has a team of trauma therapists that is unique in the province for all having training in Somatic Experiencing for trauma resolution, a neurobiological approach used worldwide with military veterans and first responders to resolve the body memory and physical and emotional symptoms of trauma, vicarious trauma, grief and shame. SE goes beyond the verbal story, cognitive-behavioural strategies to manage symptoms, and problem solving, and instead focuses on helping build the internal emotional tools and resiliency to process and complete what is being managed internally as a result of operational stress injuries. SE offers a way to work with the bound survival energies left over in the body that are difficult to work with through verbal processing alone. Therapy incorporates a number of body-oriented, practical, movement-based and experiential exercises to support recovery in a safe way that prevents overwhelm and focuses on restoring a sense of wholeness, selfhood, regulation, competence, mastery, confidence and triumph. The complex relational implications of trauma are also worked on, from a shock trauma and attachment injuries perspective, to help couples rebuild and repair their bond.

The therapists at The Refuge offer a combination of services, including 1:1, couples, family, and groups/workshops. Additional therapies used at The Refuge include EMDR, attachment-oriented psychotherapy, parts work for complex dissociation, equine-facilitated therapy (healing with horses – using the trauma-focused and neurologically-based model developed at Generation Farms, in Nanaimo, BC), mindfulness and self-compassion, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Gestalt therapy, psychodynamic therapy, Focusing, expressive arts therapies, touch and table work for the resolution of complex trauma physiology, etc. Sarah offre ses services en francais et en anglais.

Registered Psychotherapist, Canadian Certified Counsellor and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Psychothérapeute autorisée, Conseillère canadienne certifiée et praticienne de Somatic Experiencing

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The Refuge: Centre for Healing and Recovery
Le Refuge : Centre de guérison et de rétablissement

Address: Guelph, Ontario
Phone: 1-855-7REFUGE

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