Chilliwack, Fraser Valley region, BC – W. Paul Erickson

Clinical Counsellor, MCP, RCC

Masters Counselling Psychology – Registered Clinical Counsellor
Paul works with police, corrections officers, sheriffs, soldiers, paramedics, firefighters, and disaster relief workers. Men and women who deal with the worst that life has to offer. Things which the majority of people don’t want to know about, much less deal with. Paul also works with those who work with first responders. Crown counsel, therapists, and others who in their work with first responders, find themselves being affected as well. This is known as vicarious trauma. Being the spouse, lover, relative or friend of a first responder can be rewarding, however there can also be challenges, struggles, even heartbreaks. Watching those we care about suffer, sometimes when they are not able to admit they are suffering, can take its toll. Paul’s expertise is in assisting first responders (and those who care about them) manage the “every days” of life, while dealing with extremely difficult people and/or situations. Helping them find meaning in times, places and situations which can appear utterly pointless. As Viktor Frankl put it: “those who have a why, can endure any what.” During his 27-year career in corrections (including 17 years as a supervisor) has given me first-hand experience understanding the unique struggles at work and home that come with being on the job and with its intense situations. The challenges of managing all aspects of life can become intrusive and overwhelming at times. Paul gets it and knows what it is like to measure your life from one breath to the next, and seriously wonder if the next breath is worth it.

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Address: Chilliwack, Fraser Valley region, BC
Phone: 604-719-6695

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