Mental Performance

System 4-3-8: Your High Performance Playbook

Be Intentional. Be Significant.

Welcome to System 438, Your High-Performance Playbook by Doug Smith Performance.

This is a systematic, self-paced approach to improving mental and physical performance. It is synonymous with high performance.

System 438 cultivates a higher level of awareness of trauma and can change your life as it has for thousands of others. Make sure to share it with family, loved ones & colleagues.

After years of fighting back from emotional trauma and physical injury in pro hockey, Doug Smith validated, documented and refined the system he used to achieve stardom, recover from trauma, regain composure and continuously improve performance levels. In partnership with Ubiquity Leadership, we deliver System 438 to the world.

When you use this, you get better, and better, and better.

"Break Trough Adversity To Reach Your Goals"
-Doug Smith, NHL Hockey Pro
“It is rare that personal achievement and the science to back it up are demonstrated in the same program. Doug Smith has done it!”
- Jack Canfield, International best-selling author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

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